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2003 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Dr. William Pennel

Dr. William (Bill) Pennell is a faculty advisor and instructor in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Malaspina University-College (MUC) in Nanaimo, BC. Bill received his Ph.D. in Marine Sciences from McGill University in 1973 and has been with MUC since 1980.
Bill is a member of several professional associations and committees including AAC, WAS, AAAS, Science Council of BC, AquaNet Education Committee (2000-2002), ACRDP Pacific Review Committee, BC IPOST-OSAP Advisory Committee and several BC industry association committees with both BCSFA and BCSGA. He is a former President and board member of the AAC and he has organised and assisted with many AAC meetings.

Bill’s research interest’s are varied and include shellfish production and husbandry, finfish culture, salmonid culture and copepods. He has received funding from many sources including Science Council of BC, CIDA, MUC research funds, BCMAFF, BC Ministry or Education, SSHRC and AquaNet. He has over thirty publications, many reflecting the applied nature of his research endeavours.
Bill is first and foremost an educator. He was instrumental in the development of the aquaculture programs at MUC and works continuously with the BC aquaculture industry to ensure the program graduates are trained appropriately to meet the needs of the industry. The technical diploma, the BSc and the international programs offer courses on the undergraduate level and graduate level in conjunction with UBC, OSU and several other international universities. As well, MUC delivers many industry-focussed workshops and Bill has been very proactive in the dissemination of aquaculture information and knowledge to the finfish, salmonid and shellfish industry in BC and internationally.
Recently, Bill was the driving force behind the initiation, development and successful funding of a new Centre for Shellfish Research at MUC, where he received a sizable grant from CFI. The Centre will the focus of research, education and technology transfer for the BC shellfish industry and the Centre will work closely with industry, students, the BC Shellfish Growers Association and DFO researchers, something Bill has promoted all through his career in aquaculture.
In summary, Bill is a long-time shellfish aquaculturist at Malaspina University College. He is a former President and board member of the AAC and has organised and assisted many AAC meetings. He is a shellfish and finfish researcher who has worked closely with the BC shellfish and salmonid growers. And he is an educator who was key in the development of the aquaculture program at Malaspina and the driving force behind the development of the Centre for Shellfish Research at Malaspina.

Research Award Recipient 2003: Dr. Tillmann Benfey

Dr. Benfey is a professor of Biology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, where he teaches courses in animal physiology, environmental biology and aquaculture. Originally from Montreal, he completed his BSc in Marine Biology at McGill University in 1981 followed by a MSc in Biology from Memorial University in 1984 and a PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia in 1988. With funding from a NATO Science Fellowship, he then spent a year at the MAFF Fisheries Laboratory in Lowestoft (UK) before taking up his current faculty position at UNB in 1989. His research programme, sustained largely through the efforts of numerous graduate students, focuses on developing effective methods for producing sterile and single-sex populations of fish for aquaculture. This research programme has benefited from extensive collaboration with DFO, NRC and the aquaculture industry. In addition to his duties as a faculty member at UNB, Dr. Benfey is an Associate Editor for the North American Journal of Aquaculture and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Aquaculture. He has served on the Boards of Directors of the Aquaculture Association of Canada (1995-97), the Huntsman Marine Sciences Centre (1998-2002) and the AquaNet Network of Centres of Excellence (2001-2003). He has also served on the National Biotechnology Advisory Committee for Industry Canada (1995-97) as well as numerous advisory committees for the Atlantic Salmon Federation, the NB Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and the NB Broodstock Development Program.