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Betty House

Betty House has been the Research and Development Coordinator for the Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association since August 2009.  She has 24 years of experience in the aquaculture industry beginning in her native Newfoundland, that includes fish health, third party certifications, applied research, project development and management, as well as teaching.  Ms. House has worked with a range of species: brook trout, steelhead, Atlantic salmon, lobster, American eel and haddock.  She has a BSc (Biology) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Graduate Diploma in Aquaculture from the Marine Institute.   Elected to the Aquaculture Association of Canada (AAC) Board of Directors in 2014, Betty has been the Chair of the Publications Committee as well as a member of various other AAC committees.  Betty’s efforts remain focused on strengthening the relationship and communication between the aquaculture industry and the research community within AAC.