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Aquaculture Canada & WAS North America 2020

The Aquaculture Association of Canada is excited to be partnering with the World Aquaculture Society and Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association to host Aquaculture Canada & WAS North America at the St. John’s Convention Centre, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on August 30th – Sep 2nd 2020.

Download the brochure here for more information: Aquaculture; The Leading Edge of Food Production



2019 Research Award of Excellence – Dr. Simon Jones

The AAC Research Award of Excellence recognises high quality, innovative and current research that

has had a significant impact on the aquaculture industry in Canada.


Dr. Simon Jones Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Simon completed his B.Sc. in Marine Biology and went on to obtain his M.Sc.

and Ph.D. in aquatic parasitology from the University of Guelph. He took up an

NSERC-funded postdoctoral fellowship at Wageningen University in the Netherlands

where he studied fish immunology. This led to an NSERC industrial fellowship

in Charlottetown, where he spent 8 years researching the development

of commercial vaccines for use in salmon aquaculture against piscirickettsiosis,

infectious salmon anaemia and cold water vibriosis, among others. In 2000, Jones

accepted a research scientist position with DFO at the Pacific Biological Station in

Nanaimo where he now leads the Marine Parasitology Program. This research program

is highly collaborative with strong links to industry and academia, in Canada

and overseas. Dr. Jones’ diverse background and research interests are reflected

in the areas on which the program focuses: pathogen diversity, host interactions

and disease mitigation. Currently, he is interested in disentangling the roles of

environmental, host and infectious factors in the occurrence of proliferative gill

disease, which is emergent and of considerable significance to marine cultured

salmon in BC. His long-term interest in salmon lice seeks to better understand

mechanisms underlying the highly variable susceptibility to sea lice among species

of Pacific salmon and the significance of the threespine stickleback to the ecology

of salmon lice in Western Canada. In addition, he plays a central role in an ongoing

effort to advise the Federal Government on the likelihood and consequences of

risks to wild salmon in BC posed by infection and disease in marine-reared Atlantic



In addition to the management of a research program, Dr. Jones is past chair and

current member of the ICES Working Group on Pathology and Diseases of Marine

Organisms, which provides annual advice to ICES member countries on diseases

of note in wild and farmed finfish and shellfish. Simon also serves as the Canadian

Branch Officer for the European Association of Fish Pathologists. He is a member

of the editorial board of the Journal of Fish Diseases and the Bulletin of the EAFP

and is adjunct faculty at the University of Victoria and Vancouver Island University.

In his spare time, Simon dabbles in wine making, highland bagpiping and general


Professional Development Courses – Vancouver Island University

NRFH 001 Level 1: Introduction to Basic Fish Health


Jun 10 2019 to Jun 14 2019


Nanaimo, BC


NRFH 002 Level 2: Practical Fish Health Techniques For Aquaculture & Fisheries Ecology 


Jun 17 2019 to Jun 21 2019


Nanaimo, BC


NRFH 003 Level 3: Fish Bacteriology Culture, Screening & Diagnosis          


Jun 24 2019 to Jun 28 2019


Nanaimo, BC


NRSH 001 Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp) Awareness (online)       


Jul 26 2018 to Jul 26 2019



ATEC Announces Algae Culture Extension Short-Course (ACES): Part 1: Macroalgae

This FREE Algal Culture Extension Short-course (ACES) is the extension/outreach component of the Algae Technology Education Consortium (ATEC). Part 1 covers Macroalgae and is designed for those in commercial marine industries seeking to learn the basic skills to grow seaweeds. Marine Agronomy offers commercial fishermen, lobstermen, finfish and shellfish farmers the opportunity to grow seaweeds adding a second income stream to their endeavors.

The seaweed course is an online compendium of videos chosen and newly created to give a thorough initiation into the culture of various commercial seaweeds, including kelps, for those interested in getting started in algal-based aquaculture. The course includes:  a large number of videos produced by several New England Sea Grant programs, international content and guided PowerPoint presentations.  Additionally, newly created videos include: covering industry pioneers; history of wild harvesting and culturing macroalgae; seaweed products; longline setting; harvesting methods; drying techniques; conversations about peoples’ experiences in seaweed culture; and the permitting process. There are several longer webinars and pdf documents about algae culture that can be downloaded.

ACES is a free on-line curriculum that covers both the U.S. perspective as well as inclusion of seaweed culture around the world.  This course includes 53 online videos and 17 publications.

Improve your skill set and techniques required for this industry. Register today!

Contact info: Ira Levine ilevine@maine.edu or Gef Flimlin flimlin@scarletmail.rutgers.edu

PEI Aquaculture Alliance Conference

Estuarine Environmental Health and Shellfish Aquaculture Conference

March 27-28th at the Rodd Charlottetown

The PEI Aquaculture Alliance in partnership with the PEI Watershed Alliance will host a two-day conference on estuarine environmental health and shellfish aquaculture in PEI waters.

Day 1: Health of the Watershed, from the Land to the Ocean
Day 2: Impacts of Climate Change on Estuarine Ecosystems

Special Guest Speakers:
Pete Malinowski, Executive Director, The Billion Oyster Project
Seth Theuerkauf, The Nature Conservancy Global Oceans Team
Sally McGee, The Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition

Register by the end of day for the Early bird rate of only $80 for PEI Aquaculture Alliance and PEI Watershed Alliance Members ($160 non-members) for two days, including lunches


To register go to: https://peiaquaculturealliance.wufoo.com/forms/rea0ca11e5p85c/?fbclid=IwAR3Z6NUzdzt-OCqVKSuIbwKOv35lbWRfmziIvNnaXXBJSIS66noq7FiaFWc

Go to http://www.aquaculturepei.com/media_read_more.php?news=22  for complete details and to download the Conference Program

Call for Nominations to the AAC Board of Directors

(Le français suit)

Call for Nominations to the AAC Board of Directors

There will be five vacancies (four directors and one student director) on the Aquaculture Association of Canada’s Board of Directors to be filled at the 2019 AAC Annual General Meeting. Any AAC member may nominate someone for the Board of Directors. Candidates must be AAC members in good standing and must agree to stand for election if nominated and to serve if elected.

Nominations must be received by January 18, 2019, and should be sent to Stefanie Colombo (Chair of the Elections Committee) by e-mail (scolombo@dal.ca).

For more details on the AAC and its activities, please visit www.aquacultureassociation.ca

Appel de candidatures au conseil d’administration de l’AAC

Cinq postes au conseil d’administration (quatre dirigeants plus un dirigeant étudiant) de l’Association aquacole du Canada seront à pourvoir à la prochaine réunion générale annuelle de l’AAC en 2019. Tout membre de l’AAC peut soumettre une candidature pour un poste au conseil d’administration. Les candidats doivent être membres en bonne et due forme de l’AAC, ils doivent accepter de soumettre leur candidature au vote des membres et de siéger au conseil d’administration s’ils sont élus.

Les mises en candidature devront être reçues au plus tard le 18 janvier 2019 et devront être envoyées à Stefanie Colombo (Présidente du comité responsable des élections) (scolombo@dal.ca).

Pour de plus amples détails sur l’AAC, veuillez consulter notre site web au: www.aquacultureassociation.ca

Nominations for the 2019 AAC Research Award of Excellence

We are now welcoming nominations for our Research Award of Excellence. This award recognises individuals who are a current or former member of AAC for their outstanding contribution to Aquaculture Research in Canada. Please send your nomination and supporting letters to Debbie Plouffe, Chair of the AAC Awards Committee at awards@aquacultureassociation.ca. The deadline for nominations is February 22nd, 2019.

2018 Student Presentation Awards

Awards were presented at Aquaculture Canada 2018 for the best student poster and oral presentations. They were awarded to:

Ariane Aspirault – Best Poster Award (pictured above)


Jenny Weitzman – Best Oral Presentation Award (below)


Aquaculture Association of Canada