ATEC Announces Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course (ACES): Part 2: Microalgae

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      This FREE Algae Cultivation Extension Short-course (ACES) is the extension/outreach component of the Algae Technology Educational Consortium (ATEC). Part 1 covered Macroalgaeand Part 2 covers Microalgae.

      The microalgae for aquaculture course is an online compendium of videos and online lectures chosen to give a thorough introduction into the culturing of various commercial microalgae, for those interested in the skill set and techniques required for the aquacultureindustry.The course includes:  a large number of videos produced by national and international programs, and guided PowerPoint presentations; including selections from the Santa Fe Community College, Introduction to Algae Cultivation online course.  Offerings include: cultivation and harvesting technologies, microscopy, algae species collections, nutrient media recipes, algae to fuel, carbon sequestration, food products and interviews with industry experts. There are additional chapters for the online algae culture collections, interviews and Ted Talks.There are several longer webinars and pdf documents about microalgae culture that can be downloaded.

      ACES is a free on-line curriculum that covers both the U.S. perspective as well as inclusion of microalgae cultivation around the world.  This course includes 148 online interviews, lectures, and instructional videos from individuals, universities, governments, NGO’s and algae companies from around the world. There are also 17 links to algae collections, databases, supplemental reading, and social media.

      Discover how microalgae cultivation skills can enhance your role in the aquaculture industry.

      Register for free today!

      Register at the ATEC website

      Contact info: Dr. Stephen Gómez  or Dr. Ira Levine

      This project was supported by the Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office, the Algae Foundation, and

      the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. 


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