About Us Objectives By-Laws Request Minutes of the AGM

The objectives of our association are:

a) To foster an aquaculture industry in Canada, to promote the study of aquaculture and related science in Canada, to gather and disseminate information relating to aquaculture, and to create public awareness and understanding of aquaculture;

b) To promote, support, and encourage educational, scientific, and technological development and advancement of aquaculture in Canada;

c) To gather and disseminate technical and scientific information on aquaculture development in Canada and throughout the world;

d) To conduct seminars for the presentation, exchange, and discussion of information, findings, and experiences on all subject and techniques related to aquaculture;

e) To encourage the teaching of all phases of aquaculture and the training of aquaculture and the training of aquaculturists in accredited colleges and universities in the field of aquaculture; and

f) To encourage private industry and government agencies, both provincial and federal, to support education, research and development.

AAC carries out these objectives primarily through our annual meeting Aquaculture Canada where we hold workshops, seminars, contributed papers and posters and discussions. We also publish the Bulletin of the AAC. Proceedings of the annual general meeting are published under the Special Publications series.