Student Travel

Lifetime Achievement Research Excellence Student Presentation Student Travel Scholarships

Student travel smThe AAC will provide limited travel and expense support to students who must meet the following criteria:

1) be registered at a recognised institution of higher learning 
2) present a paper (oral or poster) at the meeting in person 
3) be first author if the paper has several authors 
4) demonstrate the need for financial assistance

Student Travel Award funding can only be used for:
1) transportation
2) accommodation, and/or
3) conference registration.

Criteria for evaluating applications:
1)Assessment is based on need and distance
2)Awards will be based on merit as judged by the quality of the abstract and a demonstrated need for funding
3) The CV will be used only when a consensus cannot be reached by the Committee

Applications for funding must include all of the following:
1) a copy of the abstract
2) a one-page CV outlining relevant accomplishments (e.g., honours/awards, publications)
3) request for financial assistance [amount requested and for what purpose (e.g., airfare, accommodation, registration)] - and any other sources of funding (this must be signed by your senior supervisor)(br /)
4) a short endorsement from your supervisor indicating why it is important for you to participate in Aquaculture Canada

Apply for an AAC Student Travel Award:

Click here to download the AAC Student Travel Award Application

Completed applications must be submitted as a single document, preferably in pdf format, to Tom Taylor, Chair of the Awards Committee at by March 17th, 2017

Student Travel Awards - given to students presenting papers at the annual meeting to help defray travel expenses of attending the meeting.

Recent recipients:

Francisco Bravo
Pierre-Olivier Fontaine
Daria Gallardi
Stanzin Gawa
Aly Ghanem
Lindsey Gillard
Stephanie Hall
Melissa Holborn
Krista Latimer
Shawna Semple
Andrew Sevier

Katharina Correa
Forest Dussault
Minhao Fu
Daria Gallardi
Melissa Holborn
Song Lin
Xiang Lin
Jing Lu
Stacy Murray
Agnieszka Stadnik
Yangfan Zhang

Paul van Dam-Bates
Daria Gallardi
Alejandro Guitierrez
David Huyben
Song Lin
Jeremy Le Luyer
Nicole Nadar
Chris Small
Xoana Taboada
Guoqiang Wang
Yangfan Zhang

Stephanie Dallarie-Dufresne
Bernard-Antonin Dupont-Cyr
Felix Christen
Daria Gallardi
Alejandro Gutierrez
Tomer Katan
Jérémy Le Luyer
Song Lin
Joe Mersereau
Neomie Poirier-Stewart
Katherine Tanaka
Melanie Trudel
Di Wan
Xi Xue

Wasiim Kader Bathia
Courtney D Edwards
Jessica Fry
Daria Gallardi
Sarah Granier
David Huyben
Nicole Leavitt
Danielle Lewis
Colin Novak
Christina Rochus
Qingheng Xu
Xi Xue

Andrea Bartsch
Laura Braden
Terry Bungay
Nancy Camarillo-Sepulveda
Mathieu Doucet
Alejandro Gutierrez
David Huyben
Danielle Lewis
Song LIn
Colin Novak
Nicole Quinn
Matt Webb
Jessica Whitehead
Jess Wyatt