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As part of its mandate, the AAC is strongly committed to student development in sustainable aquaculture. Thanks are extended to those involved in the reviewing process, as well as all sponsors of the AAC Student Endowment Fund.

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships valued at $1000 each will be awarded to winning students enrolled in a post-secondary institution in an aquaculture-related program for the current academic year.

• Students who have previously won AAC scholarships are not eligible 
• Recipients must be an AAC member in good standing to receive the Scholarship
• Each recipient of an AAC Student Scholarship is responsible for how Scholarship funds are applied to their educational program.

Selection criteria include:

1. Scholastic ability – transcript of marks 
2. Interest and involvement in aquaculture (e.g., summer employment)
3. Publication record (if any) 
4. A single letter of support 
5. A short (250 words) essay on where the applicant sees him/herself contributing to sustainable aquaculture development in Canada in the future

The review process will be administered to allow awards to be made at the Aquaculture Canada conference. Applications must be submitted to Tom Taylor, Chair of the awards committee, at by March 17th, 2017.

Please send an electronic copy (PDF preferred) of each of the following documents: 
- transcript of marks 
- proof of enrolment
- short essay (described above)
- publication record (if applicable)
- letter of support from instructor or supervisor

Include your last name in each filename (e.g.: Smith_AAC_transcript.pdf ) 

All Scholarship essays may be published in an AAC publication

Please also provide a headshot in a separate jpg file.



The Aquaculture Association of Canada would like to congratulate current and past winners of the AAC Student Scholarship.


Lindsey Gillard, Dalhousie University

Lindsey scholarship 2016








Kieran Cox, University of Victoria 

KieranCox scholarship3










Stacy Murray (UNB Saint John)
Brenna Collicutt (Vancouver Island University)


Allie Byrne (MSc. University of Victoria)
Robert Bourdon (MSc. University of Victoria/Vancouver Island University)
Chris Small (MSc. University of New Brunswick) 


Daria Gallardi (Ph.D., MUN)
Alejandro Gutierrez (Ph.D., SFU)

Jessica Willis (Ph.D., UPEI)
Alicia Donaldson (M.Sc., Uvic/VIU)

Nicole Quin (Ph.D., SFU)
Jessica Whitehead (M.Sc., UNB)

Stefanie Colombo (M.Sc., MUN)
Peter Sykes (Ph.D., UPEI)

Nathaniel Feindel (M.Sc., UNB)
Andrea Bozman (B.Sc., VIU)
David Deslauriers (M.Sc., MUN)

Melissa Anderson (DVM, UPEI)
Joanne Power (M.Sc., UNB, Saint John)
Andrew Vickerson (M.Sc., MUN)

Ian Butts (Ph.D., UNB, Saint John) 
Ellen Campbell (M.Sc., UNB, Saint John) 
Lisa Robichaud (M.Sc., UQAR)

Adam Cook (Ph.D., Dal)
Albert Kasprowicz (B.Sc., Malaspina)
Anne Kellett (M.Sc., MI-MUN)

Nicole Brun (Ph.D., Dal)
Anne Borvegna (B.Sc., Malaspina)
Sarah Dudas (Ph.D., U. Vic)
Meredith Hutchison (M.Sc. Engineering, UNB)
Steve Leadbeater (M.Sc., UNBSJ)
Spencer Russell (Ph.D., Guelph)

Kelly Barrington (M.Sc., UNBSJ) 
Andre Dumas (Ph.D., Guelph) 
Sean Farrell (Advanced Diploma, MI-MUN) 
Stephanie Howes (B.Sc. Co-op, Dal) 
Rosalind Leggatt (Ph.D., UBC) 
Daphne Munroe (Ph.D., UBC) 
Jeff Piercey (M.Sc., UNBSJ)