Undergraduate Student Essay Contest

Bulletin of the AAC Aquaculture Canada Program Guides AAC Special Publications
published on: 27/09/2013

Deadline: December 31, 2013

Value: $500


-Must be a member of AAC in good standing to apply (http://www.aquacultureassociation.ca/member)

-Provide proof of enrollment in an undergraduate program at a recognised Canadian institution

-Agree that your essay can be reproduced in an AAC publication

-Provide the following information for the AAC publication:

                        - Full Name

                        - Institution

                        - Program and year of study

                        - Provide a headshot

- Submit a 1000 word essay on the following subject: How has the aquaculture industry or aquaculture research changed over the past 30 years in Canada?

Submit all information in ONE email to: aac@dfo-mpo.gc.ca with Undergrad Award Application in the subject line.

Thank you and good luck!