Special 30 year anniversary publication

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published on: 24/04/2013

Attention ALL AAC Members,

Past and Present Board and Committee Members

The Aquaculture Association of Canada was incorporated in 1984, making 2014 its 30th anniversary. To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, the AAC will publish a Special Bulletin to highlight the diversity and dedication of its members and more memorable moments in AAC’s history. Although it would be nice to highlight all of our members we will endeavour to represent all categories of membership over the years including students, individuals and organizations or companies.

We want you!

You can contribute in three different ways:

1. Profile of yourself or your organization (please include photos)
o A mock profile has been created and can be viewed here
o Maximum 2 page/ profile including pictures.
2. Provide a description of memorable moments or events - may include others not just you
o Send us your exhilarating experiences, funny stories, key achievements, rambling reminiscences, oddball opinions, past directions, weird and wonderful impressions.
3. Submit photos of past AAC or related events

Deadline for submission: July 30, 2013

Distribution: Publication will be available for delegates at the AC14 meeting

Contacts: Linda Hiemstra (250-751-4862) and Joy Wade (250-468-1585) will be tackling this project. We have created an email address to make it easier to organize submissions: aacbulletin30years@gmail.com

There is limited space in the special 30 year anniversary publication.

Send your information and ensure your spot in the limelight now!