Aquaculture in the 2013 Federal budget

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published on: 25/03/2013

Some funding support for federal aquaculture research and governance, was detailed in the recently released 2013 federal budget:

“In 2008, the Government launched the Sustainable Aquaculture Program to provide a foundation for the development of an economically viable and ecologically sustainable aquaculture industry in Canada. To build on the progress achieved to date, Economic Action Plan 2013 proposes to provide $57.5 million over five years to streamline the aquaculture regulatory regime, to conduct scientific research in support of regulatory decision making, and to report on the environmental and economic performance of the sector."

There were also funding announced for agencies that support aquaculture related research:

Genome Canada:

“$165 million in multi-year support for genomics research through Genome Canada, including new large-scale research competitions and participation by Canadian researchers in national and international partnership initiatives.”


“$20 million over three years to help small and medium-sized enterprises access research and business development services at universities, colleges and other non-profit research institutions of their choice.”


The entire federal budget can be downloaded here: