Workshop on Fish Welfare in Aquaculture

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St. Andrews, NB
Event Dates:
16/11/2013 - 23/11/2013

The objective of this workshop is to bring together industry, government and academia to assess the current state of animal welfare practices and technology in salmon aquaculture, and thereby to develop collaborative research projects to fill any knowledge gaps that may exist. In the longer term, it is anticipated that this will lead to the establishment of new university-industry- government collaborations to support ongoing aquaculture research in Canada.
The morning session (free) will include presentations on pain perception and analgesia in fish, approaches and needs for addressing fish welfare in commercial salmon farming and in closed containment systems, and the Canadian Council on Animal Care’s guidelines on fish welfare and how they might be applied to fish farming. Invited presenters include Dr. Victoria Braithwaite (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Don Stevens (University of Guelph and UPEI Atlantic Veterinary College), Dr. Larry Hammell (UPEI Atlantic Veterinary College), Mr. Michael
Szemerda (Cooke Aquaculture Inc.) and Dr. Gilly Griffin (Canadian Council on Animal Care).
The afternoon session (free, but by invitation only) will focus on discussing knowledge gaps and developing research partnerships to address them. A facilitator will help lead this process.
The workshop will be held in the Dunn Science Theatre at the Fundy Discovery Aquarium ( Attendance is free, but attendees must register by Nov. 9. University attendees who are eligible for NSERC funding can apply for financial support to help cover costs of attending this workshop; please refer to the registration form for details.

Registration Information

Although registration is free, the following information MUST be submitted by Nov. 9 in order to attend.
Name: Affiliation:
E-mail address:
If you wish to be invited to the afternoon session, please provide a brief outline of your relevant professional experience and how you expect to participate in, and benefit from, this workshop.
If you wish to be considered for financial support to attend the workshop, please provide an estimate of your costs. (Note that this is only available to university participants who are eligible for NSERC funding and who will participate in the afternoon session.)
Please submit the above information and address any questions to Dr. Tillmann Benfey at the University of New Brunswick (


Anyone needing accommodations must make their own arrangements, either at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre ( or in the town of St. Andrews (