3 day Aquaponics Course

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Whitby Farm, ON
Event Dates:
22/08/2016 - 24/08/2016

August 22,23,24, 2016 NEW WHITBY FARM

Featured Topics

NEW! Decoupled Aquaponics with Aerobic Bioreactor Technology
Learn how aerobic bioreactor technology is used to produce nutrient solutions from fish effluent for aquaponics at this all new lecture presented by Dr. Nick Savidov and how you can run your aquaponic system decoupled.

Commercial Aquaponics System Design
Biochar Applications in Aquaponics
Water Quality
Food Safety
Plant Production
Tilapia Breeding to Harvest
Plant Production with Discharge Waste
Greenhouse Heating and Lighting
Nutrition and Alternative Feed
Marketing and Business Plan
Social Media Marketing
Fish Health in Aquaponics, cool wateraquaponics discussion
And More…

HANDS-ON Learn How To:
Sex Tilapia
Collect and Rear Eggs
Test Water Quality
Plant Seedlings
Prepare Harvest forSpecific Markets

Speakers Featuring
Dr. Nick Savidov Lethbridge College
Dr. Jason Danaher Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems
John Derksen Lethbridge College
Fred Rutman Professor of Marketing & Finance
Steve Naylor OMAFRA
And More…

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